24 Nov 2020 10am to 12pm

Science Rocket to the Space

Science Rocket to the Space Kids will discover Newton’s third law of motion; engineering with potential and kinetic energy; formulating “explosives” with chemical reactions; designing their own rockets, and more…

25 & 26 Nov 2020 10am to 11am

Taekwondo (Kids Self Defence Programme)

Taekwondo (Kids Self Defence Programme) Kids will learn (1) what is Taekwondo values (courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance) (2) how to keep a distance from potential attackers (Stranger is danger mentality) (3) self defence techniques (4) role play with partners (5) basic taekwondo punching & kicking techniques

30 Nov 2020 10am to 12pm

Multi-Sports 3 Days Camp

Multi-Sports 3 Days Camp (1) Learn Sports & Be Active (2) Work on Individual Skills (3) Develop Motor Skills (4) Football/Basketball/Tennis Lots of fun & engaging