School Holidays Courses

November-December 2017  HOLIDAY PROGRAMME (For 6 to 12 years old)

We will be conducting the following during the year end school holidays.


a)   3 weeks Montessori Holiday programme (3 – 6 yrs old)

b)   Intensive Phonics and Reading Programmes (5 -6 yrs old)

c)   Intensive Hanyu Pinyin Course (K2)

d)   Primary 1 English and Maths  Preparatory Course (K2)


a)    PSLE Maths & Chinese Preparatory class

b)    Problem sums & Challenging Maths make simple (P1- P5)

c)    Chinese oral, Listening & Comprehension Class (P1- P5)

d)    Chinese Creative Writing (P3 – P6)

e)    School Holidays Camps (P1 – P5)

f)     Excursion trips (P1 – P5)


a)    Additional Mathematics Intensive Revision (for O & N levels)

b)    Principles of Accounts Intensive Revision (for O & N levels)

Our Tutors:

Mr Yan Kow Cheong, a Singapore-based educator, math consultant and texbook author. Mr Yan has a degree in mathematics.  He has been active on the Singapore's educational scene for over two decades, teaching secondary and Junior college mathematics.  He conducts recreatioal and enrichment mathematics courses and workshops for students, teachers and parents.

Mr Teo Soon Hock, a qualified accountant with a Master Degree in Finance, CPA had many years of teaching and lecturing experience in Mathematics, Accounting and Finance subjects for both Secondary and University levels.


For more information please call 6554 0603 or 6455 5869