The Mathemagic


The Mathemagic of the Mobius Strip

Want a break from boring school mathematics? Come and experience some aha! moments with the magic and mathematics of the Mobius strip
– the common sense-defying continuous loop with only one side and one edge.

The Mobius strip may be likened to some recreational toy, linked to a branch of geometry called topology (often called “rubber-sheet geometry”), where shapes do not change when an object is stretched or distorted.

In this two-hour activities-based workshop, participants will learn to

* cut out twisted paper strips, and predict their outcomes, the products of which often defy logic

* change a sphere to a cube

* change a ball to a bunny

* see how the Mobius strip is used in magic, art, science, engineering, literature and music.

 Needed: strips of white papers, pair of scissors, glue, pen or marker

A metaphor for change (or strangeness) and surprise, the Mobius strip exemplifies what happens when creative mathematics clashes with intuitive reasoning or rational thinking.

Twisting and cutting paper strips will never be the same after you have toyed with one-sided surfaces. So are you ready to be fooled and excited by the surprises of Mobius strips?

Duration  1 x 2 hours
Fee $20 per person
Date/Time Tuesday 5 December 2017 (10am to 12noon)
Level Primary 4 & 5

Click HERE for a  30-second video on “The Mathemagic of the Möbius Strip” — When Art and Math Meet. and

Click HERE for a video on Topology for Little Mathematicians

Please call 6554 0603 or whatsapp 8569 8536 for registration and more information