Montessori Mathematics (3 – 6 yrs old)


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This programme is specially designed to allow young children develop a stronger foundation in Mathematics. Montessori Mathematics will help your child develop a far more concrete foundation than just basic numbers taught in traditional kindergartens.  Montessori Mathematics is taught through the manipulation of concrete objects.

Apparatus such as sandpaper numerals, number rods, spindle boxes, Golden Beads-Decimal System are some of the materials used to make Mathematical concepts simple and logical. By having to feel, touch and see a concrete object as opposed to the abstract concept is a great advantage and that provides the child a good head start to learning the fundamentals of Mathematics.

Areas covered in this programme include Number bonds, Odd/Even Numbers, Decimal System, Ordinal Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Skip Counting, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, length, Money, Graph, Length, Weight  and Problem Solving.

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