Montessori Phonics & Reading (3 – 6 yrs old)

Phonics & reading in Singapore


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Joyhouse Montessori Phonics and reading class is conducted once a week. The objective of the course is to help your child learn how to read and write through the Montessori graded phonics activities.

The curriculum has three essential components:

a)    Strong foundation in phonics,
b)    Comprehension based on visualization, and
c)    Learning to read for meaning and using context clues.

This programme is specially designed to help students master the necessary level of English literacy before they enter Primary 1. Montessori language materials together with Fitzroy readers will be used to lead them through a natural progression of reading, spelling, writing, grammar and comprehension skills.  Following a carefully sequenced order of materials, children learn the rules of phonics and grammar.  Sandpaper letters, the moveable alphabet, object boxes and picture boxes are some of the materials used.

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