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Suitable for Nursery to K2 students.

This programme is specially designed to allow young children develop a stronger foundation in Mathematics. Montessori math enrichment classes in Singapore will help your child develop a far more concrete foundation than just basic numbers taught in traditional kindergartens.

Our Montessori math enrichment programme is executed through the manipulation of concrete objects. Apparatus such as sandpaper numerals, number rods, spindle boxes, Golden Beads-Decimal System is some of the materials used to make Mathematical concepts simple and logical. By having to feel, touch and see a concrete object as opposed to the abstract concept is a great advantage and that provides the child a good head start to learning the fundamentals of Mathematics. Areas covered in this programme include Number bonds, Odd/Even Numbers, Decimal System, Ordinal Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Skip Counting, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, length, Money, Graph, Length, Weight and Problem Solving.


Numerals 1 to 10

• Concrete counting of 0 to 10, number sequencing 1 to 10 and symbols of numerals.
• Addition, Subtraction and number bonds, including mental counting to within 10


• Introduction to teens, additions and substractions with tens and units within 19.

Hundreds and Thousands

• Introduction to Hundreds and Thousands,
• Additions with Hundreds, Tens and Units within 99
• Subtraction with Hundreds, Tens and Units
• Substraction with Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Units.


• Introduction to concept of multiplication
• Multiplication tables for 1 to 10


• Introduction to concept of division
• Division for 1 to 10


• Introduction to fractions,
• Application of fraction to time reading and clock

Primary 1 Preparatory Course

Revision and application of the above to simple problem solving as well as using models to solve problem sum. Length, money, graph, length and Weight will also be covered during this level.

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