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COME and join our Phonics & Reading Programme and Enable Your Child to Become a Fast and Fluent Reader!

Our Montessori Phonics and Reading class is conducted once a week. It is suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old. This is an ongoing class and students can join the class at any time.
The objective of the course is to help your child learn how to read and write through the Montessori graded phonics activities. Your child will definity enjoy as it is taught through Montessori, hands on and fun and exciting activities. We will give your child ample opportunities to learn phonics in a Fun and enjoyable way.

The curriculum has three essential components

Strong foundation in phonics

Comprehension based on visualization

Learning to read for meaning and using context clues

This programme is specially designed to help students master the necessary level of English literacy before they enter Primary 1. Montessori language materials together with Fitzroy readers will be used to lead them through a natural progression of reading, spelling, writing, grammar and comprehension skills. Following a carefully sequenced order of materials, children learn the rules of phonics and grammar. Sandpaper letters, the moveable alphabet, object boxes and picture boxes are some of the materials used.

PHONICS & READING CLASS (3 to 6 years old)


  • Introduction and learning the sounds of the alphabets.
  • Differentiating between the upper and lower-case letters
  • Putting 2 or 3 sounds together to form words

At the end of level 1 your child will be very confident in all the phonetic sounds and will be able to read 3-letter phonetic words.


  • Learning to put 4 or more sounds together to form words.
  • Word building exercise using object and picture boxes.
  • Learning to Spell

At the end of level 2, your child will be able to read books for early readers, as well as being able to spell using phonetic sounds as a guide.


  • Digraphs or Phonograms.
  • Advanced language activities which may include part of speech such as compound words, plurals, nouns, verbs, adverb, conjunction, propositions, pronouns and interjections.

At the end of level 3, your child will be ready for the Preparatory class for Primary 1 featuring comprehension, composition, grammar and vocabulary.

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