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“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six” Maria Montessori.


Montessori Playgroup/ Workgroup programmes are built on the foundation of the Montessori Method of Early Childhood Education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Our Montessori Playgroup and Workgroup aim to help each child reach his/her fullest potential and to encourage his/her natural curiosity and love of learning. Our carefully prepared curriculum helps children develop concentration, coordination, and independence as well as social and problem-solving skills in a non-competitive environment. Respect for the child is our utmost goal, and we try to instill the importance of self respect and respect for others.

Montessori Playgroup/Workgroup CURRICULUM

Practical Life exercises

Which aim is to promote independence and self-reliance through gaining competence in many everyday adult skills. Practical Life exercises are designed to develop the child’s physical co-ordination (hand-eye), gross and fine motor skills, concentration, attention to detail and a sense of order. By learning to perform daily tasks give the child the sense of responsibility, self-worth and confidence.

Language Activities

Which aim to encourage clear, meaningful communication both as a means of self-expression and as the foundation of better understanding among humankind. Montessori language curriculum is an integrated approach that combines phonetics and whole language. The child is first introduced to letters and sounds. After several sounds are mastered, he can begin to encode (spell) and decode (read) words by linking these sounds together. Words that do not follow the patterns or rules of the English language are presented as sight words. Developmentally appropriate activities allow children to build their own understanding of how sounds are represented by symbols, and these symbols are joined together to form words.

Cultural activities

Which include common day to day aspects of Science, History, Geography and Botany are introduced in an interesting and progressive manner to help the child connect to the world in which the child lives.

Sensorial training

Which aim to educate the child’s senses. The child becomes more aware of his surrounding by observing the environment more intelligently. The graded activities consist of sequencing, matching, classifying and sorting. Sensorial Education also indirectly prepares the child for other areas of development like reading, language and mathematics.

Montessori Mathematics

Aims to give children a good understanding of Mathematical concepts by working with concrete materials. A child is introduced to Mathematics after working with the practical life and sensorial activities. Manipulative materials are designed to allow the child to have the hands on experience to grasp the concept of quantity. By having to feel, touch and see a concrete object as opposed to the abstract concept is a great advantage and gives the child a good head start to learning the fundamentals of Mathematics.


Our Early Childhood Music Classes which helps young children develop a love of music and the skills to play it through a series of activity-filled age-appropriate lesson.Children love music. Music touches all spheres of child development; language and literacy development, pattern recognition skills - the basis for mathematical learning, as well as social and emotional growth are all positively impacted by being involved in music.


Art, Music Appreciation, Songs & Dance and Fun with Chinese will be also be integrated into the curriculum.

Our Classes


Montessori Playgroup
(18 months – 3 yrs old)


9am to 11am;


Adults work to finish a task, but the child works in order to grow, and is working to create the adult, the person that is to be.
Maria Montessori

The emphasis in the Montessori Playgroup is the acquisition of language, along with the development and refinement of gross motor coordination, in turn preparing the child for the Workgroup Class.

The first step for a child in the Playgroup is to familiarize himself or herself and establish a sense of trust, trust in himself or herself and trust of the environment. This takes some time, as the child up to this point has no experience or training in the values and expectations of those around him. The aim of this class is to assist the child in this process. In order to achieve all these goals for this age group, the teacher student ratio in this classroom is 1:6.

  • Curriculum include
  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Mathematics
  • Language (Phonics & Reading)
  • Cultural (Science, Geography & history)
  • Fun with Chinese
  • Musikgarten (music programmes developed by Early childhood Educators from USA) and
  • Art & Craft.

Montessori WorkGroup 
(3 – 6 yrs old)

9am to 12nn 




The children in the Montessori Workgroup learn many different skills at their own academic and social level. With a ratio of eight children to each teacher, the individual needs of each child are easily met.

Small group lessons foster the love of learning. Most of our children at K1 & K2 had already mastered the lower primary school level of English literacy, Mathematics and sound introduction of geography, history, botany and zoology.

Curriculum include
•   Practical Life
•   Sensorial
•   Mathematics
•   Language(Phonics & reading, comprehension, writing)
•   Cultural (Geography, History, Botany, and zoology)
•   Fun with Chinese 
•   Musikgarten,( an early music programmes for kids developed by Early childhood Educators from USA)
•    Art & Craft
•   Fun activities including cooking, computer time and outdoor activities.

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