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Our Chinese tuition classes are developed by native speakers with University degrees and many years of teaching experience in Singapore. Located conveniently at Bishan, our classes have a systematic and comprehensive that helps each child to acquire and develop his/her speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Mandarin.

Our preschool programmes are fun-based, and students learn through rhymes, story-telling and games.

Our Primary and Secondary school programmes are based on the MOE syllabus.
All students taught by us achieved A grade or at least 2 to 3 grades improvement in their examination results.

(3 to 5 years old)


The “Fun with Chinese” programme is designed for children who come from a non-Chinese speaking environment. It is fun-based and children will learn through fun-learning activities like singing, storytelling, recitation of rhymes and language games. In each lesson, students will be introduced with Simple Mandarin in a fun and relaxing way. The course will also include word-recognition, rearranging and construction of sentences.

(6-7 yrs old)


This programme is a continuation of the Fun with Chinese level II course at our Chinese Tuition centre in Bishan. The curriculum is designed around themes together with a list of age-appropriate activities. It also incorporates Hanyu pinyin and writing. Lessons are the situation-based that helps the learner to prepare for real-life communication. The goal is to buildconversational confidence and the ability to continue language learning outside the classroom environment. Interaction in class is highly encouraged with specially designed activities, games and other cultural activities.

(6- 7 yrs old)


Our Chinese tuition course is geared to teach standard Mandarin pronunciation. Basic and essential pronunciation skills will be taught before entering primary school. The course is introduced in an enjoyable and lively manner through story-time games, tongue twisters and other interactive activities.

Course Contents:
Consonants (声母b, p, m, f,) & vowels (单韵母 a, o, e, í, u, ü ). Intonation & formation of words, Hanyu Pinyin rhymes and Sentences Construction. Primary one vocabulary will also be included in this course.

(3-6 yrs old)


The objective of this programme is to develop conversational and communication skills.
Course contents include poem recitation, idioms, tongue twisters, storytelling, understanding of Chinese Culture, language games and many more.

(P1 – S4)


Our Chinese Enrichment Courses are designed according to the latest Ministry of Education syllabus. Course contents include comprehension skills, oral and listening skills. Step-by-step guide will be given to help students master examination skills to answer questions better and to meet the new examination requirements. Daily language usage and current affairs will also be incorporated to help to prepare students for oral, listening comprehension and composition in examinations.

(P3 - P6)


Creative writing course is designed for students who find it difficult to cope with composition writing. The course will also to help to develop students’ interest and ability to articulate their thoughts through writing. Creative writing is suitable for those who want to enhance their writing skills. It also helps students to formulate thought orally and to focus learning on:

  • writing expressions
  • writing techniques to improve overall sentence structures
  • vocabulary. Students will learn to overcome their weaknesses through step-by-step coaching.


Lessons are available upon request. Please call us at 6554 0603 for more information.

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