Mon – Fri after school care services for students in Primary 1 – 6 from 2:30 – 7:30.

Our student care service is led by Mr Teo (MBA Finance, CPA) an experienced educator with many years of teaching experience in Mathematics and Principles of Accounts.

Our team of trained, dedicated and experienced teachers will guide and monitor your child’s school work daily and also help to impart a strong sense of ethics, moral values and life skills to them.  Our trained teachers will also provide necessary guidance that would motivate them to discover his/her potential and achieve his/her very best.

Our student care services help parents look after their children while they are at work.  We provide a clean safe and conducive environment for learning.


We have dedicated, experienced and qualified teachers to coach and supervise your child’s school work.


We provide outdoor activities for our student care students during school holidays.


We also conduct character development lessons during school holidays to help to develop their social and emotional well-being.


We offer tuition classes at very special rates to our student care students.

Primary Level Tuition:

English, Math, Science, Chinese, Chinese Creative Writing, Higher Order & Problem Solving Maths




Primary Level Tuition:

English, Math, Science, Chinese, Chinese Creative Writing, Higher Order & Problem Solving Maths

Secondary Level Tuition:

English, Math, Chinese, E Math, A Math and Principles of Accounts

Our tuition classes have a maximum of 6 students as we know the importance of small class size.  Ample attention for each and every pupil is ensured.  We provide parents with constant feedback on the child’s progress.

PSLE Intensive Programme – English, Math and Chinese

The PSLE is a huge milestone in your child’s academic journey.

Our PSLE Intensive Programme is intended to help prepare your child to be ready for the prelim and PSLE exams.



  • Chinese Tuition for P1 to Sec 4
  • Fun With Chinese (3 to 6 years old)

The “Fun With Chinese” programme is fun-based and children will learn through fun-learning activities like singing, story-telling, recitation of rhymes and language games.  In each lesson, students will be introduced to Simple Mandarin in a fun and relaxing way.  Curriculum also includes word-recognition, rearranging and construction of sentences.

  • Conversational Mandarin for Adults & Children

This programme is designed for adults or children who come from a non-Chinese speaking environment.  Fun and useful Conversational Mandarin lessons will help adults and children succeed in conversing effectively in Mandarin. Our holistic teaching system is based on a communicative teaching approach which arouses students’ interest in learning Chinese.

Taught by qualified, experienced and native Chinese speaking teachers

  • Hanyu Pinyin for 5 to 7 years old
  • Hanyu Pinyin (汉语拼音)should be the basic foundation of any child’s study of the Chinese language. Anybody who wishes to speak Chinese well, should start his learning journey with the Pinyin system.
  • Not only is the mastery ofHanyu Pinyin a crucial component in developing a solid foundation for learning Chinese, it is also an important cog in the world of electronic media and digital Chinese input today.
  • We have made learning of Hanyu Pinyineasy; we use corresponding pictures of words to help the children associate and understand the meaning of Chinese words. Children will master accurate pronunciation and recognise Hanyu Pinyin through specially-crafted oral practices and interactive games.



  • Phonics workshop for parents
  • Phonics & Reading 4 to 7 years old

The curriculum has 3 essential components:

  • Strong foundation in phonics;
  • Comprehension based on visualization; and
  • Learning to read for meaning and using context clues.

This programme is specially designed to help preschoolers master the necessary level of English literacy before they enter Primary 1.  Montessori language materials together with Fitzroy readers will be used to lead them through a natural progression of reading, spelling, writing and comprehension skills. Following a carefully sequenced order of materials, material learn the rules of phonics.  Sandpaper letters, moveable alphabet, object boxes and picture boxes are some of the materials used.


P1 Preparatory Class

The P1 Preparatory Class is designed to bridge the gap between Kindergarten and Primary 1.

This course will provide young learners a significant head start and lay a solid foundation in their quest to excel in primary school education.



Music is an important and vital aspect in the lives of children. Children enjoy and respond naturally to any form of music. We offer the following programmes.

Piano – Grade 1 to Grade 8 (Individual)

For leisure or in preparation for the ABRSM Exams

Music Theory Grade 1 to Grade 8 (Group / Individual)

In preparation for the ABRSM Exams

Intensive Theory  Grade 1 to Grade 5 (Group / Individual)

In preparation for the ABRSM Exams